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AI Digital Sales Assistant – How to increase online sales

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AI Digital Sales Assistant – How to increase online sales

We know AI in ecommerce is the emerging technology that helps customers find the right product without spending valuable time searching. It’s not just about finding the right product and buying it; as customers browse through your ecommerce website, they want to create wish lists, compare products, and get their questions answered. According to a study, 10% of ecommerce websites do not provide enough product descriptions, leading to shopping cart abandonment and lower conversion rates.

What else AI can Do?

Wishlist Creation:

It’s common for people to mark products as wishlists to buy in the future. However, AI can help create the wishlist and notify them when a better deal is available for the product.

Product Comparison:

When buying products, there are often confusions that lead to comparisons. Traditional comparison methods limit customers by creating a table for product details. AI can offer a more dynamic and detailed comparison.

AI Image Search:

A critical problem faced by many customers is finding a product they saw elsewhere. AI allows customers to upload an image and search for similar products using image recognition technology. Here AI act as an image recognition model to retrieve the similar or exact product details from the ecommerce website.

AI Image Search for product identification

Product recommendation on Multiple platforms:

An ecommerce chatbot is platform-independent, available on websites, mobile apps, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc. It helps customers find products on any platform without hassle, using inputs like images, text, and voice.

Customer Search Analysis:

AI ecommerce chatbots not only help customers but also provide sellers with valuable analytics. These include top searched products, high customer interaction time, customer suggestions and feedback, sentiment analysis, search intent, and repeated search analytics.

  • What are the top searched products
  • High Customer Interaction time
  • Customers Suggestions & Feedbacks
  • Customer sentiment analysis
  • Customers search intend
  • Repeated search analytics

Sellers can use this data to improve their ecommerce site, products, customer touchpoints, after-sales service, and returns, etc.

Chatbot Customer Analysis

Product Availability Reminder:

It’s usual to happen products being out of stock when customers searching for a products. An intelligent bot can notify customers when the product is replenished, allowing them to create availability reminders.

Product Delivery Tracker:

Delivery trackers are available on all platforms but can be difficult to access. Customers can ask the chatbot about their product availability, making it convenient to track deliveries.

Customer Query Handling:

The advantage of offline shops are having a dedicated sales person helping out to choose the right product with their expertise in the product, it’s specification etc. However, Online, AI sales assistants can handle numerous queries, helping customers understand product performance, specifications, after-sale support, and more.

AI Helping customers to answer to their queries

Feedback and Follow up:

Imaging an AI chatbot asking for product feedback on Whatsapp after 3 months?

Unlike sales executives, AI sales assistants capture feedback and follow up throughout the buying process, helping sellers improve their products and services.

Cross Selling & Upselling using AI:

What are the sales skills Sales Executives have?

AI chatbot is not just recommending the exact products customers searched for. It helps setting the similar products or combo offers to upsell the product right in the chatbot. Allowing more visibility of other products. This leads customers visiting other pages/ categories as well.

AI Sales Assistant:

It’s right time to train your digital sales executive, without monthly incentive.

The job of a sales assistant is to educate customer about the product/ help them in choosing the right product. Here the chatbot does the same being a digital sales assistant 24×7.

Hire the right digital AI Sales executive!

Amazon launched a similar tool for Amazon Ecommerce website, read here: https://www.retaildive.com/news/amazon-expands-access-generative-ai-shopping-tool-rufus/721441/

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